About Us

Coppelia is a Jakarta-based shoe label commenced by three sisters. Coppelia has been delivering comfortable and stylish fashion to the street. Not merely focusing on functionality, the brand promotes youthfulness and positive attitude in this ever-changing world. Finally, the craftsmanship of the styles has involved numerous local artisans, with inspirations coming from any beautiful place in the world, really.

Over the years, the products offered have extended from only flat shoes, to other product line such as sandals, flatforms, heels and boots. Similarly, Coppelia has grown extensively from only utilizing social media as a sales platform, to having several outlets both online and in-store.

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Brand Name Origin

"One evening in Melbourne, we decided to go to the art center to watch a classic ballet show called 'Coppelia'. At the same time, we were brainstorming the name of the brand. We realized that we were going to start from offering flat shoes, or in other words; ballet shoes. Pretty self-explanatory from there, isn't it!", One sister explained.